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Ben Johns | Collin Johns|Dekel Bar


Backhand Slice Offensive Dink

  • Move feet into position to strike the ball at the peak of its bounce while maintaining balance.

  • Swing on a slightly downward trajectory with the paddle face open to generate backspin.

  • Prepare by turning your shoulders and hips and swing from your shoulder rather than from your arm or wrist.

  • Bend knees.

  • Keep wrist locked and paddle above your wrist.

  • Aim your shot cross court so it is going over the lowest part of the net to the longest area of the court.

  • Hit your shot on a forward trajectory rather than an upward trajectory to get the ball to skid as it hits the court.

  • Choose a ball where you are balanced and the peak of the bounce is slightly higher than normal to hit this shot.

  • Target area should be slightly in front of the kitchen line.

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Pro Tips


My favorite strategy drill is the Backhand Volley Attack from the Ad Court because it such an effective shot. Practice this and you will win more points!


My favorite drill is the Dink Reset Drill because it is so important to work on staying patient and ressetting yourself.


I love to drive the ball so the Drive and Drop Drill is a key component of my game.

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Backhand Volley Attack From the Ad Court:

1. Attack The Ball Effectively
2. Setup is key.
3. Keep feet at kitchen line.
4. Attackable Ball is above the level of the net.
5. Keep weight on balls of your feet.
6. Lean In and Extend Arm.
7. Make contact comfortably in front of you with ball at its peak and your arm outstretched.

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